Saturday, September 5, 2009

Julius + Agnes

Just got back from shooting Julius and Agnes' wedding in Compostela.
My day started out with a bad tummy but Cha, Paulo, Ainz, Pido and Ruel did great for the first few hours of the dressing up and details shots while I pre-occupied.
We had fun shooting today. The bride and groom were so cool.
The venue for the dressing up was at the Green Lagoon, Compostela. I will definitely go back there. That is the only place I have ever been to where the sky really meets the ocean. No other island can be seen from the shore. This would make for an awesome background for future shots. Sadly, we were not able take shots with that in the background with the bride and groom in their wedding dress as it was too inconvenient for the bride to walk all the way to the water's edge in her heels.
The wedding ceremony took place at the St. James Parish Church. My jaw dropped when the priest came out from behind the altar. He was looking like John Lennon...I kid you not. He had long hair and a mustache. But the sermon he gave was very nice.
Here are some of the shots we took of that day...


  1. Please post more pix from Julius and Agnes Wedding… Pls also include pix - newlywed with their friends… great job guys... we were amazed with your new pic ideas…

  2. oh no! my cousin and my good friend :D soo small world oi :D

  3. Hi Yvonne!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. You have proven that photography is indeed an art. I am so used to wedding pics taken the convential way.I am tired of it honestly and it was a breath of fresh air when I saw your shots at Julius and Agnes wedding.I would want you in my wedding.


  5. Hi Anonymous (a.k.a. Tina)
    We are so glad that you like our work. Thank you so much. Looking forward to capturing your wedding moments!

  6. Hi guys! agnes here... just want to give you a hi5 for our wedding. Thanks much!!!

  7. Hi Agnes!
    thanks! we are so glad you like our work.

  8. hello...cud u also post some pix of julius' and agnes' wedding? esp. with his friends and barkadas...thnx...nice shots.


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