Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doc Mark and Meann

The Doc and the Vamp
This set was shot at the Loboc Church. We had Meann wear a black long gown and, as a contrast, we had Doc Mark wear a white shirt.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crying Butchok

I have always found Jill Greenberg's Crying Baby photo series to be awesome. Not that I like watching the little ones in pain, but there's something awesome about capturing those moments of intense emotion on the faces of babies.
So, I deliberately made my little boy cry last night. Here's what I got.

Not really as good as Ms. Greenberg's (I lack 1 more back light). But it came out quit close, at least for me.

And my little boy looks adorable even when he's belting out something from Celine Dione (minus any recognizable lyrics).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Doc Mark and Meann

We just got back from Bohol for Doc Mark and Meann's engagement pictorials last Saturday. We'll share more about it later. For the meanwhile, here are some of the shots from Saturday.
Awesome weekend! We had our first out-of-town engagement pictorial last Saturday in Bohol. The groom-t0-be, Doc Mark, is one of the coolest doctor we've ever met. And the bride-to-be is a real Boholana beauty and the coolest DILG field officer we've ever known. When we first met, Meann (short for Mary Ann...not mean) told us we are to do anything, conceptualize anything for the engagement pictorial. So, we told her to bring any prop she could think of aside from the stuff we told her to have. Imagine our suprise to find an ISUZU ELF truck following our car on the way to the venues for the pictorial!
We hit the ground running (so to speak). We started the pictorial as soon as the couple picked us up from the seaport. We were all over Bohol, starting at the Baclayon Church, and ending at Bohol Beach Club.
It was 12 hours of straight shooting, but it never felt like work. We were having so much fun!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guille & Ivy

Cebu City, Cebu

Nothing could be more awesome than finding and falling in love with someone who loves the same stuff that you do. He loves dogs; she's a sucker for four-legged, furry fellows. He loves nursing sick pups back to health; she loves dissecting them (to fix what's wrong insider them! What were you thinking??). When a vet falls for a vet, it's more than just puppy love...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Butchoy and Aimee's wedding

We woke up at around 4AM today. Still groggy, but still psyched over the great reviews the guests at Butchoy and Aimee's wedding, gave the photos we took today. It was my first time to take in the view of the city from the Crown Regency tower (the dressing up was at the 16th floor).
The wedding was at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. I love to shoot weddings there. The whole church has such huge windows, making the inside of the church all bright and sunny. Although I'm a true-blue strobist, I love the drama ambient light brings on each shot.
The couple is the zaniest couple I have ever been with. So expect some craziness in the shots I'll be posting here in a few days.
Here are some of the shots from today's wedding.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Julius + Agnes

Just got back from shooting Julius and Agnes' wedding in Compostela.
My day started out with a bad tummy but Cha, Paulo, Ainz, Pido and Ruel did great for the first few hours of the dressing up and details shots while I was...er...otherwise pre-occupied.
We had fun shooting today. The bride and groom were so cool.
The venue for the dressing up was at the Green Lagoon, Compostela. I will definitely go back there. That is the only place I have ever been to where the sky really meets the ocean. No other island can be seen from the shore. This would make for an awesome background for future shots. Sadly, we were not able take shots with that in the background with the bride and groom in their wedding dress as it was too inconvenient for the bride to walk all the way to the water's edge in her heels.
The wedding ceremony took place at the St. James Parish Church. My jaw dropped when the priest came out from behind the altar. He was looking like John Lennon...I kid you not. He had long hair and a mustache. But the sermon he gave was very nice.
Here are some of the shots we took of that day...