We at Calography do not claim to be professional photographers. The only thing we're good at is seeing the world through funky-colored glasses. We make sure that when we're working with you, you get the most fun...and end up still laughing even after we're done.

Calography is a family affair. Our team is composed of me, Paul CALO, my wife, Charisse CALO, and my brother Paulo CALO. And we have teamed up with a gorgeous model/photographer, shutterfairy. And we love photography.

We dont take pictures...we capture moments. We dont cover events, we bottle those precious times in your life so you may take a sniff at them, long after the champagne is gone.

We make sure you love yourself more when you look at the photographs we took.

We don't mind the heat, the hunger, the late nights staring at your wacky laughs and tear-stained mascara. We give it all...to tell your story.

Give us a call at 016 913 8054 or email us at calography2009{at}yahoo{dot}com
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