Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cyrus and Kiss on Rock 'N Roll Bride!

We just got word from Kat Williams of Rock 'N Roll Bride ( that she posted the photos from Cyrus and Kiss' engagement pictorials. (CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW THE POST)

Praise God! This is awesome!!!
Ok, so we submitted those photos to her. But she would not have had put them on her site had she not seen something cool about these. It is truly an honor to see our work along side those of other cool photographers.
For the past few months, we've been drooling over the photos that get to be on her site. All are so cool. And we've been studying them all, and, we admit, we did copy from some of those photos. Thanks to Kat, we were able to do something cool... And thanks to her, Cyrus and Kiss' engagement photos are now displayed at
Kiss, the bride, was online a few minutes ago and I sent her the link to the post. She was estatic!


  1. Wow!!! Congrats Yadz!!
    Post the link..

  2. Well deserved - the pictures are phenomenal!


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